12 Poems to Read From Inside a Peach

-a lifetime primer for all ages-



When Winter nips our fingertips

and hopes are hard to reach,

I build some wings to fly away

and live inside a peach.



I am not one for speeches, love,

but sirens make no screeches, love,

and winds sing each to each to each…

when you’re living inside of a peach.



Mama says it’s tricky! Papa says it’s icky!!

You’ll get sticky feet!!! they beseech.

But they’re loosey goosey, life’s jolly, life’s juicy!

when living inside of a peach.


In peaches they teach us you can’t have a dog,

“No, there just isn’t room, no you can’t”.

So it’s lucky for me my pet’s plucky and wee –

meet MacBendy my friendly pet ant.



As the rains plip and plop at the tip-tippy-top 

– we swim in a peach flavored sea…

and then Cricket drops in… and we sip… as we swim…

just Cricket… and Anty… and me.



At noontime we stand on the white fuzzy sand –

we hop upon white fuzzy beaches.

And life’s without hassles when building fluff castles

and hopping up top upon peaches.



At nighttime when spiders come biting and brawling

and calling hi ho! as they crawl,

we hush till they go and then laugh just to show

that we were not frightened at all.



We twitter! We skitter!! We holler!!! We howl!!!!

– pretending we’re spiders ourselves.

We make a big ruckus – we shake a big tuckus –

and tumble like bumbling elves.



We watch the moon rise in the sparkling sky –

and it looks like a peach – big and round –

as we sit here under and whisper and wonder

if someone up there’s looking down.



Most peaches are floorless, sans windows, and doorless…

no towers of teetering dishes…

and life is a dream when there’s nothing to clean,

and our days are all spent chasing wishes.



(Yes, oceans have fishes as peaches have wishes,

they flutter like dust in the sun.

They flutter about till they’re all fluttered out

and then fall fast asleep on your tongue).



Ho and Hum, I don’t mosey. These tosies won’t wander.

My life is too cozy right here and not yonder.

No more will I roam for I’ve found home sweet home…

and I’m living inside of a peach.

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